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Wake up to World Brain Day – 22 July 2019

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This year’s World Brain Day on Monday, 22nd July is focusing on migraine and its disabling, disruptive effects on the everyday lives of patients and their families. The World Federation of Neurology is urging clinicians to share the painful truth that migraine is under-recognised, under-diagnosed and under-treated and to work together to ensure that those affected by the disease receive the care they need.

“World Brain Day is a historic opportunity to change the conversation about a disease that has been stigmatised for millennia,” said David Dodick, who serves on the World Brain Day Committee and is Co-Editor of the CGRP Forum.

Migraine is the most common brain disease worldwide, affecting 1 in 7 people. It is the leading cause of disability in people under 50, with a greater impact than diseases such as obesity, diabetes and breast cancer.

“It’s important that we emphasise to policy makers and those taking decisions that improving the lives of people with migraine has big picture benefits for patients and from a purely economic perspective,” said Peter Goadsby, Co-Editor of the CGRP Forum.

Join the discussion about the global impact of migraine at a World Brain Day webinar on migraine on 22 July, at 10am EST, hosted by the World Federation of Neurology – with contributions from leading migraine specialists.

Video courtesy of World Federation of Neurology, World Brain Day 2019