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Erenumab superior to topiramate in migraine prevention

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Top line results from the Phase 4 HER-MES study of erenumab versus topiramate have demonstrated the superiority of erenumab in migraine prevention.

Erenumab had a superior tolerability and efficacy profile compared to topiramate, with fewer discontinuations during the double-blind, 24-week treatment phase. Erenumab also showed superior efficacy, with a greater proportion of patients achieving a 50% reduction in their monthly migraine days (MMDs).

“The data generated by this first of a kind head-to-head study reinforces the value of erenumab as a safe and effective migraine prevention treatment. The findings also provide novel insights into migraine therapy for physicians and patients,” said Professor Uwe Reuter, Managing Medical Director at Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany.

In HER-MES, 777 adult patients with episodic or chronic migraine and at least four migraine days per month, who were naïve to, not suitable for or had previously failed up to three prophylactic migraine treatments, were enrolled to receive erenumab 70 mg and 140 mg or topiramate in the highest tolerated dose (50-100 mg daily).

The primary endpoint was treatment discontinuation rate due to adverse events during the 24-week double-blind treatment phase of the study, and the secondary endpoint was the 50% reduction in MMDs from baseline in weeks 12-24 of the double-blind treatment phase.

Erenumab has now been prescribed to more than 480,000 patients in 44 countries since it was launched in 2018.