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Discovery of CGRP role in migraine recognised in Brain Prize 2021

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CGRP Forum Editor, Peter Goadsby, and Editorial Board Member, Lars Edvinsson, are two of the four recipients of the prestigious Brain Prize 2021 for their pioneering work on CGRP as a cause of migraine. The award, made annually by the Lundbeck Foundation, honours scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of neuroscience.

“It is an enormous privilege to receive the Brain Prize. It’s really a prize for all the people who have suffered for so long with headache disorders, and for all the excellent scientists who have made an important contribution to this field,” says Professor Goadsby. “I feel privileged to help the incredibly brave patients do just a little better.”

He and Professor Edvinsson showed that the trigeminal nerve releases CGRP during a migraine attack. Later work confirmed that a migraine could be triggered by CGRP administration and led to the development of anti-CGRP therapies as the first migraine-specific agents to prevent migraine, and subsequently for use in acute treatment.

This year’s Brain Prize was awarded jointly to Professors Goadsby and Edvinsson and to Professor Michael Moskowitz from Harvard University and Professor Jes Olesen from the University of Copenhagen.