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Clinicians urged to report experience of switching patients between CGRP mAbs

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Clinicians are being encouraged to report experiences of switching patients between CGRP mAbs in order to better understand potential benefits and inform treatment access policies of payers and care providers.

A report of seven patients with chronic migraine and prior treatment with three to 14 preventive drugs (mean 9.5) has demonstrated the impact of switching between CGRP mAbs after three months of treatment. These included changes in migraine days in patients switched because of adverse events, reduced migraine days after switching due to lack of efficacy, and increased migraine days after switching due to pharmacy department requirements.

“Despite the small size of our series, we feel that reporting these cases contributes new evidence to support the use of a second drug acting on the CGRP pathway in patients presenting poor response to another drug from the same family; we encourage other authors to conduct further research on the topic,” concluded the authors of the report.

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