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Erenumab effective in medication overuse headache, irrespective of pre-treatment painkiller withdrawal

Erenumab was effective and well tolerated in 81 patients with chronic migraine (CM) complicated by medication overuse headache (MOH), irrespective of whether they underwent painkiller detoxification before treatment, according to retrospective, 12-month real world results reported from an Italian headache centre. Headache days per month (headache index [HI]), mean number of analgesics taken per month …

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Erenumab discontinuation: sustained responses and rebound effects

Over half of patients who discontinued erenumab therapy after 12 months maintained a > 50% response during weeks 1-4 after cessation, but 31% restarted treatment at week 4 due to rebound symptoms to baseline levels. These are the preliminary findings from a prospective real world study of 32 patients treated at two centres in Italy.1 …

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Real world study suggests erenumab more effective than in migraine clinical trials

Approximately two-thirds of patients with high frequency episodic migraine (HFEM) or chronic migraine (CM), treated with erenumab 70 mg, achieved a >50% response rate, according to real world data from Italian migraine centres. This compared with the 43% typically seen in clinical trials of patients with HFEM and 40% in those with CM. In 103 …

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