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K Ravishankar

Consultant in-Charge, The Headache and Migraine Clinic, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre

Mumbai, India

Dr. Ravishankar is presently Consultant in-charge of The Headache and Migraine Clinics at Jaslok and Lilavati Hospitals in Mumbai, India.

He had his training in ‘Headache Medicine’ with Dr. Ninan Mathew at The Houston Headache Clinic and subsequently with Dr. J.N. Blau at The City of London Migraine Clinic. Using this experience, he set up the first ‘Headache Clinic’ in India at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai.

He has been a past Member on The Board of Trustees of The International Headache Society (IHS) from 2008 to 2011. He was the recipient of a Special Recognition Award from The IHS at The International Headache Congress in Boston, 2013 and was awarded Honorary Life Membership of The International Headache Society. He was one of the Founder Members of The Asian Regional Committee for Headache and is also a Member of The American Headache Society and The Indian Academy of Neurology. He is on the Editorial Board of Headache Currents and is Reviewer for the journals ‘Headache’ and ‘Cephalalgia’.

He is co-editor of the book ‘Modern Day Management of Headache’ and is a regular invited speaker at national and international platforms. Dr. Ravishankar’s special interests include observations on the expanding clinical spectrum of migraine, medication overuse headache, and ‘Uncommon Headache Syndromes’. He has written on these topics in leading journals and has contributed to many book chapters. He was the first one to describe ‘hair wash’ or ‘head bath’ as a unique triggering factor for migraine.

He was on the Faculty of The IHS Headache Master School Brazil in 2012 and was Course Director of The Headache Master School in India in 2014. He is now into exclusive ‘Headache’ practice at these two tertiary care hospitals in Mumbai.


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Awards & Milestones:

  • Recipient of The Best Platform Presentation at The International Headache Congress 2003 (Rome)
  • Launched the First Headache Clinic in India at Jaslok Hospital in 1995
  • Recipient of The Special Recognition Award of The International Headache Society at IHC, Boston in 2013
  • Awarded an Honorary Life Membership of The International Headache Society.
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