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Migraine: a new treatment landscape

In the last in the current series of videos about recent developments in anti-CGRP therapy, CGRP Forum Co-Editor Peter Goadsby discusses the likely impact of CGRP monoclonal antibodies and gepants on the treatment landscape. He welcomes the growing opportunities for patients to be offered individualised treatment that enables them to take back control of their lives.

Watch the video here »

If you missed any previous videos in this series with Peter Goadsby, take a look at:

What next for anti-CGRP therapy?

There is still much to learn about how treatment for migraine prevention fits into daily practice.

Watch the video here »

CGRP therapies for acute migraine

Looking at the potential impact of targeting the CGRP pathway for both prevention and treatment of migraine.

Watch the video here »

CGRP in cluster headache

The need to optimise therapy for those most likely to benefit.

Watch the video here »

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