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Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies: A background

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies: A background

This slide deck provides a background to therapeutic monoclonal antibodies: what they are, their nomenclature and why they offer advantages over small molecule therapies.

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies offer new potential for a range of indications. Advances in technology has resulted in the development of ‘fully human’ monoclonal antibodies which greatly reduce the risk of adverse effects.

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies have a number of advantages over pharmacotherapy (small molecule therapy). Notably, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies have greater specificity; an extended half-life; and lower risk of drug-drug interactions, and do not cross the blood-brain barrier due to their large size. This technology has now been translated to the management of migraine, with the development of monoclonal antibodies to CGRP and its receptor.

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