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News from the the IHC 2019

Erenumab real-world experience supports clinical trial data

Real-world erenumab data reported by clinicians around the world are supporting clinical trial results and extending understanding of the drug′s efficacy and safety profile in daily practice. From Italy come data showing a high proportion of ′super-responders′ amongst 122 patients with migraine.

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Fremanezumab demonstrates 10-year cost effectiveness

Fremanezumab is cost-effective compared to no treatment in patients with episodic or chronic migraine with inadequate response to two to four previous preventive migraine classes, especially if treatment is stopped in non-responders at 12 weeks.

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Galcanezumab reduces total pain burden in episodic cluster headache

A new composite measure of pain severity, duration and frequency has been used to demonstrate the efficacy of galcanezumab in patients with episodic cluster headache.
Using data from the Phase 3 trial of galcanezumab 300 mg for eight weeks in patients with episodic cluster headache (NCT02397473), researchers reported that reduction in total weekly pain burden score across weeks 1-3 was 11.18 severity-weighted hours greater for galcanezumab than placebo (95% confidence interval: 0.83, 21.53).

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Ubrogepant efficacy maintained over one year of treatment

Pain freedom and pain relief rates achieved at one year with ubrogepant are comparable with those seen in short term analyses, and treatment is well tolerated, according to data from a Phase 3, randomised, extension trial of adults with migraine.

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Impact of anti-CGRP switching for non-clinical reasons is greater than for clinical issues

Results of a retrospective review of first year use of fremanezumab and galcanezumab has shown that patients report fewer headache days when they are switched from one agent to another for financial or insurance reasons than for clinical issues.

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First clinical report of concomitant rimegepant and erenumab use

Preliminary evidence that rimegepant 75 mg may be effective for acute migraine treatment when patients are taking erenumab comes from the first case report in treatment-refractory migraine. The two patients were women aged 44 and 36 years with over two decades of suboptimal response to multiple migraine medications.

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