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Latest News

News from the the American Headache Society′s 61st Annual Scientific Meeting

Phase 3 rimegepant ODT data confirm rapid and sustained efficacy in acute migraine treatment

New Phase 3 data on the orally dissolving tablet (ODT) formulation of rimegepant have confirmed its rapid and sustained clinical benefits in acute migraine treatment, with efficacy seen as early as 60 minutes after treatment and continuing for up to 48 hours. The results from Study 303 (NCT03461757) support those from previous Phase 3 trials (Study 301 [NCT03235479] and 302 [NCT03237845]) with the rimegepant tablet formulation.

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OVERCOME survey highlights continuing unmet needs for migraine diagnosis and treatment

In the USA, nearly a third of people who experience at least four migraine days per month remain undiagnosed and a similar proportion seek emergency care for migraine, according to OVERCOME − an online survey of responses from more than 20,000 people living with migraine. Individuals were identified with migraine based on ICHD-3 criteria using a validated migraine diagnostic screener and/or self-reported healthcare provider migraine diagnosis.

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Ubrogepant works in migraine when triptans are ineffective

Ubrogepant 50 mg has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of acute migraine in patients for whom triptans are ineffective. Results of the Phase 3 ACHIEVE-I and ACHIEVE-II studies have shown that there is no difference in the magnitude of treatment effect between groups of patients classified as triptan−effective, treatment−ineffective and triptan−naive.

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Post-hoc migraine analysis supports galcanezumab in patients with medication overuse

In patients with episodic or chronic migraine and medication overuse, galcanezumab significantly improved mean monthly migraine headache days (MHDs) compared with placebo, and reduced average monthly medication overuse. These were the key findings of a post-hoc analysis of pooled data from the EVOLVE 1 and 2 studies, and from the REGAIN study.

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Opioid use ‘alarmingly high’ in US migraine patients

Over half of people experiencing four or more migraine headache days (MHDs) per month in the USA may be current or previous opioid users. This conclusion is based on results from the OVERCOME (ObserVational survey of the Epidemiology, tReatment and Care Of MigrainE) web-based survey of 21,143 people with migraine which was carried out in Autumn 2018.

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Preclinical research investigates brain regions implicated in migraine photophobia

Preclinical CGRP research has pointed to the posterior thalamic region (PoT) as a likely key integrator of light aversive signals that are modulated by CGRP in migraine.

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