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Latest News

News from the 5th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology

FOCUS trial shows improved work productivity and activity impairment with fremanezumab

Patients with episodic or chronic migraine who took monthly or quarterly fremanezumab during the FOCUS trial required significantly less health−related time off work during the four weeks after the third dose of study drug, compared to placebo. They also experienced fewer days when their work or activities were impaired by their health.

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Latest LIBERTY analysis demonstrates erenumab benefits on physical impairment and daily activities

Long-term treatment with erenumab is associated with a sustained reduction in physical impairment and an improved ability to participate in daily activities, according to the latest analysis of data from the open label extension (OLE) of the LIBERTY trial in patients with episodic migraine who failed on two to four previous preventive therapies.

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Efficacy of galcanezumab translates into reduced migraine-related disability and improved daily functioning

Reductions in migraine headache days with galcanezumab reported in the EVOLVE and REGAIN trials are associated with lower levels of migraine-related disability and greater improvements in daily functioning than placebo, according to a further analysis of study data.

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Patients still choose paper headache diaries over Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps may have become an essential part of everyday life, but they have yet to take over from paper diaries for recording migraine headaches − at least in Spain.

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In search of molecular biomarkers for migraine

Migraine researchers must not be discouraged from searching for molecular biomarkers for migraine by previous disappointments. The complexity of the disease should stimulate further research with improved methodology based on rigorous and informative tools for data collection, careful clinical and diagnostic subgrouping of patients, literature analysis, cutting-edge biodata analysis and possibly the selection of a panel of functionally-connected candidate biomarkers.

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Patients with more severe migraine should be screened for metabolic syndrome

Clinicians should screen for metabolic syndrome in patients with more severe migraine. This is the advice of researchers who have shown statistically significant relationships between metabolic parameters and migraine.

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