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News from 17th Biennial Migraine Trust International Symposium

London, UK, 6-9 September 2018

Eptinezumab acts fast and has sustained activity in episodic migraine

Intravenous eptinezumab reduces migraine prevalence by at least 50% in the first 24 hours after administration and provides sustained levels of response with repeated prophylaxis over 12 months.

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Erenumab responder data may help set expectations for migraine frequency and disability with ongoing prophylaxis

A novel analysis of Phase 2 erenumab data may help set expectations for the impact of ongoing erenumab 70 mg or 140 mg on monthly migraine days (MMDs) and disability for patients with chronic migraine who respond to prophylaxis.

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My Migraine Voice survey highlights lost productivity and high healthcare needs

Migraine reduces overall work productivity by half and places a significant burden on healthcare providers through ER visits, overnight stays and need for brain scans, according to a series of presentations from the My Migraine Voice survey.

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Galcanezumab efficacy shown in menstrual migraine

Galcanezumab is as effective in menstrual migraine as in other forms of the disease, according to post-hoc analyses from the EVOLVE-1 and EVOLVE-2 studies in episodic migraine and the REGAIN study in chronic migraine.

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Cochrane review supports botulinum use in chronic migraine

In patients with chronic migraine, botulinum toxin type A reduces migraine frequency by three days/month and migraine severity by 30%, according to results of a systematic Cochrane review of botulinum toxins in adults with migraine.

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Chocolate study raises more questions than answers for people with migraine

Chocolate is associated with migraine in only about one in 10 people with migraine and, in almost the same proportion, it appears to protect, according to new data.

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