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Latest news from the CGRP Forum

Aimovig (erenumab) receives EU approval for migraine prevention

Aimovig (erenumab) has received EU approval for the prevention of migraine in adults experiencing four or more migraine days per month.

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CGRP infusion provokes cluster headache

CGRP infusion has been shown to provoke cluster headache attacks in active-phase episodic cluster headache and in chronic cluster headache, but not in remission-phase episodic headache.

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Phase 3 EVOLVE-2 study of galcanezumab published in Cephalgia

Published data from the Phase 3 EVOLVE-2 study (NCT02614196) have confirmed that monthly treatment with galcanezumab 120 mg and 240 mg reduced mean monthly migraine headache days.

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Recurrent headache + asthma + allergic rhinitis may = migraine in adolescents

Clinicians should be on the look-out for adolescents presenting with recurrent headache who also have asthma and allergic rhinitis as the combination is highly suggestive of migraine.

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