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News from American Headache Society's 60th Annual Scientific Meeting

Erenumab extension studies support efficacy up to one year and safety up to three years

Long term efficacy and safety trials of erenumab in chronic and episodic migraine are reinforcing treatment benefits seen in 12-week studies. In an open label extension of a Phase 2, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 451/609 patients with chronic migraine completed one year of erenumab 70 mg or 140 mg treatment, with 199/609 increasing their dose from 70 mg to 140 mg by week 28.1

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Rimegepant demonstrates consistent benefits in Phase 3 acute migraine trials

Consistent efficacy and safety data have been reported in Phase 3 trials of the oral CGRP receptor antagonist, rimegepant, in the treatment of acute migraine.1,2 Study results have also provided ex vivo evidence that rimegepant lacks vasoactive properties, and confirmed the bioequivalence of sublingual and oral tablets.

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CaMEO study identifies migraine comorbidity patterns, relationship effects and career impact

People with migraine have distinct respiratory, psychiatric, cardiovascular and pain-related comorbidity patterns, according to latest data from 11,837 US respondents to the web-based CaMEO survey who reported at least one comorbidity.

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CGRP receptor signalling – don’t forget AMY

CGRP activates similar cell signalling pathways at CGRP and AMY1 receptors, both of which are responsive to CGRP inhibitors, according to new profiling data. Researchers should therefore consider AMY1 receptor activity when interpreting CGRP antagonist data, advise the study authors

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Fremanezumab has potential to revert chronic migraine to episodic migraine

A post hoc analysis of data from a Phase 3 trial of 1130 patients with chronic migraine suggests that fremanezumab has the potential to revert migraine severity from chronic to episodic.

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Weekend migraine – more fallacy than fact

Only 1 in 20 people had an increased risk of migraine on non-working days in a study using Curelator Headache, a smart phone and web-based digital platform, to search for associations between type of day and risk of migraine attack in 774 people with migraine.

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