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News from EAN 2018

Patient-reported outcomes from Phase 2/3 erenumab trials support primary efficacy data

Patient-reported outcomes from a pivotal Phase 2 study (NCT02066415) and the STRIVE study (NCT02456740) show beneficial effects of erenumab on headache impact, disability, absenteeism and quality of life scores.

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Pooled Phase 3 galcanezumab data show efficacy irrespective of previous treatment failure

Pooled data from patients treated with galcanezumab (GMB) 120 or 240 mg in the EVOLVE-1 and 2 and REGAIN trials show significant improvements (p<0.001) in monthly migraine headache days (MHD) versus placebo, irrespective of whether patients had failed > 2 previous preventive therapies.

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COMPEL data show multiple benefits of onabotulinumtoxinA

Latest results from the open-label, long-term COMPEL study have shown that onabotulinumtoxinA 155 U every 12 weeks improved anxiety and depression at week 108 in patients with chronic migraine, irrespective of whether treatment resulted in a > 50% reduction in headache day frequency.

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Audit shows benefit of candesartan prophylaxis after multiple migraine prevention failures

Nearly half of patients with episodic or chronic migraine find candesartan prophylaxis effective, even after up to nine previous preventive therapy failures.

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Migraine absenteeism takes toll in France and Switzerland

French migraine patients who have at least eight days of headaches per month lose an estimated 33 working days per year at an annual cost of €3.8 billion per year to French society, according to data from an online survey.

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STRIVE study demonstrates erenumab efficacy in episodic migraine with aura

A sub group analysis of the Phase III STRIVE study has shown that erenumab 70 mg and 140 mg monthly for six months reduce mean monthly migraine days (MMD) compared to placebo in patients with episodic migraine, with or without aura.

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