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EHF 2017: More studies reveal benefits of CGRP inhibitors in migraine prevention

Following recent publication of phase 3 studies in the New England Journal of Medicine, presentations during EHF 2017 reveal further evidence for the potential benefits of CGRP inhibitors.

Evidence mounts to support favourable benefit-risk profile of erenumab

Compared with other types of prophylaxis, erenumab is most likely to help and least likely to harm patients across the entire spectrum of migraine, according to an analysis of clinical trial data.

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More consecutive headache-free days with fremanezumab in high-frequency episodic migraine

Compared with placebo, fremanezumab resulted in a greater maximum number of consecutive headache-free days for patients with high-frequency episodic migraine included in the randomised phase 2 HFEM study.

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Migraine population prevalence nears one in six, new analysis shows

The prevalence of migraine is 15.1% (95% CI 13.6%-16.6%), reports an updated analysis of studies from the last 10 years.

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Current treatments do not effectively address the burden of migraine

An analysis of data from the United States 2016 National Health and Wellness Survey concludes that the overall burden associated with migraine remains substantial, in spite of the availability of treatment.

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